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 Forum Rules!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules!   Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:17 am

Please read over the following rules before posting. If you're not sure about something here, pm the admin and ASK.

This is a forum where everyone can freely share and discuss their ideas. Everyone has their own opinion and should be respected. Bottom line: practice common courtesy.

Duplicate threads/topics
Before starting a thread/discussion please do a search (located at the top to the right of "NEW TOPIC") to see if the same thread already exists. Although sometimes duplicates threads may still occur, doing this will greatly reduce the instances.

Clear, readable, and understandable
When making a new thread, make sure it can be clearly understood (especially the title); that includes SPELLING and punctuation. Even if you're not a great speller, do your best. If you don't know how to spell something, LOOK IT UP. From now on, sloppy and lazy looking posts will either be corrected or deleted. Titles saying only things like "spoiler" or "sasuke" are unacceptable.

Do not post titles, topics, replies, etc... in caps. Its annoying to read and very distracting.

If your post contains spoilers, MARK *spoilers* ... Do not put the actual spoiler in the title!

Posting abuse
Keep your replies to a contributing and discussion-provoking nature. Basically, no silly one-word or one-phrase replies that are totally irrelevant and that look like a desperate attempt to up your post count. These replies will be deleted followed by possible banning in the future.

Pornographic material
Do not post pictures or videos that depict nudity or sexual acts. This includes linking to another site that features such material.

Use your good judgment and refrain from quoting large posts that take up over half the page, especially if its already been done once. This also includes threads that feature many images as this causes the pages to load slower. Again, use your judgment.

Thanks for reading.[i]
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Forum Rules!
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