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 saturday cartoon lineup

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PostSubject: saturday cartoon lineup   Thu Apr 23, 2009 5:27 pm

what was everyones favorite thing to watch in cartoons on saturdays? I was the classic child of the 80s who got up at 5.30 every saturday for cartoons my sister was usually up a ahour later and we would stay on the tv till like 1:00pm (our time )watching cartoons all fracking morning lol
i remeber bravesatarr was first then gi joe, then it was smurfs and heman followed by transformers and voltron usually at this point id have to hand the tv over to elizabeth so she could watch shera and jem and the holgrams and i watched em with her cause we olny had the one tv so we had to share lol and by all means i loved cartoons. jem was pretty hot looking for a cartoon though, lmfao anyway so after this was teenage mutant ninja turltes followed by a hour long block of looney tunes !!!!!!!!! last but not least at 100 came scooby doo i belive syn said this was her favorite it was also my sisters !!!!!!!!!lol
during this whole period i was happily munching froot loops or apple jacks and occasionally trix after this i went out play or did othere random things but saturday cartoon lineup was the best what was everyones saturday cartoon lineup?
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saturday cartoon lineup
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