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 Character/Zanpaktou/Ability info

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PostSubject: Character/Zanpaktou/Ability info   Tue May 05, 2009 10:07 am

Well since everyone in Roleplaying needs a character description, this is the palce to make them known. Post your character/Zanpaktou/abilities info in here.
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PostSubject: Re: Character/Zanpaktou/Ability info   Sun May 10, 2009 11:15 am

My names Duncan but i operate off two code names, these being either 'Phoenix' or 'Golden Darkness' I am both a JA and SS member, both of which grant me particular abilities. My role in the JA seems to be the tech expert and several of my inventions that i use in battle are shown below;

'The JA cup'
A ingenious weapon worn beneath my robes that allows for a weak full body shield. It works by a producing a electo-magnetic field with its inbuilt sausagicity generator. The shield can be rejected by the owner, releasing a powerful electric wave knocking any nearby enemies around me back. The weakness of this is that it takes a while for the shield to start working up again, leaving me unprotected.

'The Sausage Launcher 3000'
A unusual invention that fires titanium reinforced, heat seeking sausage shaped projectiles with a fondness of small enclosed spaces at the enemy. These sausages when hit explode into 20 smaller projectiles these however, have no heat seeking properties but if they hit will cause substantially more damage.

'The Sword Of Golden Darkness'
More a dagger then a sword, it is kept strapped to my person at all times. It is made from the rare metal Gundanium (a very strong electrical/heat conductor) and is indestructible.

These impossibly small creatures reside within my own body. They will repair any wound (including regrowing limbs and organs) but are significantly slower repairing deeper wounds. This ensures i don't die, even in the most ferocious of battles.

'Regrowth Syringe'
In addition to this I tend to carry one small syringe with me - this contains a top up of the latest nanites and all the material required to regrow a limb. This ensures that should the time come where i lose one, i can simply inject myself with the solution and within 5 minutes ill have it regrown and everybit as good as the original. It hurts like hell.

Alongs with these JA abilities i also have those from the SS. My zanpaktou is shown below;

Name:Phoenix Fire
Type:Wind/Ice Fire
Release command:Crystal storm release
Sex:Male/Female (a two minded blade)
Normal state:Worn on hip. Hilt-two semi-spirals that meet in the middle.
Shikai:A glistening blade that has two smaller blades that can spread from the hilt. Its hilt changes shape to a 5 pronged star. On command it can release waves of ice and/or wind that can arc around a maximum of 3 and 5 objects respectively before coming to a halt. The crystal mind of the blade is female and makes the users healing magic far more potent.
Bankai Name: Phoenix Purge
Bankai: The blade now transforms adding height to the blade, the guard returns to its original state and expands creating a warped like look. 5 balls of fire surround the user which can be used as desired either to attack or to defend at exponential levels. The bankai changes the hilt to black and grants the user wings and three curved blades from each arm. Bankai increases the speed and eyesight of the user. Phoenix is the masculine part of the blade and is vicious- he is the warrior of the two halves and increases the users ability to use offensive magics.

A list of my techniques is shown below;

Technique 1 - Drawn sword exclusive- 'White Wind' allows the user to control surrounding spirit particles and manipulate them with wind reiatsu to restore/heal all those nearby, the extent varies based on the reiastu released and is best used when wielding the Blade of Golden Darkness.

Technique 2 - Crystal Storm - Can only be used in whilst wielding my shikai. Upon command a thousand small shards of ice surround me, these can be tightened together to form a shield protecting me from harm, or alternatively can be sent out to attack, these ice shards upon touching a enemy will meld to their skin and cannot be removed by normal means, although this causes little damage it adds additional weight to the enemy, hindering their movements. When swapping to bankai the ice crystals shatter along with anything they are attached to.

Technique 3 - Shadow spell clones - Allows me to summon up to two clones to aid in me battle. These can be substituted with myself and vice versa and can be summoned at any time - however, any clone destroyed after substituting with myself has a 20 second turn around rate. Meaning that there is a limit to their use.

Standard Kidō List;

Bakudō number 8 - Seki - Creates a round shield that temporarily paralyzes and repels whatever strikes it

Bakudō number 58 - Kakushitsuijaku - Traces the location of the targets soul.

Bakudō number 81 - Danku - Creates an energy barrier in the form of a rectangular wall. It is capable of stopping destructive spells up to number 89.

Hadou number 4 - Byakurai - Fires a bolt of white lightning from the caster's finger, piercing the target.

Hadou number 58 - Tenran - A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target

Unique Kidō List;

Hadou number 74 - Keppaku Arashi - (translated as purity storm) By combining hadous number 4 and 58 i am capable of creating a widening tempest style storm from my hands, this not only contains the power/ force of wind but also electrifies anything around it - including sword/blades making them next to impossible to hold.

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PostSubject: Re: Character/Zanpaktou/Ability info   Sat May 16, 2009 5:12 pm

It's all i could come up with since it's 4 am here ^.^"
Be honest ok?

Name: Syn Uchiha
Family: A husband: Itachi Uchiha; a daughter: Akita Namikaze
Born in the mist and darkness of an ever changing world that was constantly engulfed by the flames of war and death, she struggled to survive from a fragile age. Orphan for as long as she could remember, she survived through luck and mostly talent. She seemed to show extraordinary skill in combat and strategy. Seeing her great potential after a conflict that involved her, an old man took her in, cared for her and also tought her to harness her strength and to extend it. Upon the death of her sensei, she set out in the world and discovered her twisted history, learning she had killed her own family, except for her sister and two old friends.
After that, not much had been known of her till she was recruited by a ninja group called Akatsuki. The organization bloomed and also gave her the tenbi, only later to take a turn for the worst and disappear, along with the deaths of its members, including her own.

After that, she arrived into the Soul Society, only to join the Soul Academy and grow as one of the most proeminent student, aquiring new skills while hiding the knowledge of her old ones. After graduating along with her class she goined the Soul Society squads, migrating back and forth: from a lieutenant to a rogue, from a rogue back to a 3rd seat and finally obtaining the spot as a captain. Sadly, to her own dissatisfaction, she was stuck as the captain of the 7th squad.

The only light in her darkened life was and remained to this point her husband, Itachi Uchiha, who also shared the past of being an Akatsuki and ending up as a captain to the 4th squad. And also her daughter Akita, who for a while has been MIA. Her sister's whereabouts are unknown.

Favorite weapon
Zanpakuto: Kissa Akuma (Finish: "cat"; Japanese: "demon")
Sex: Female
Element: Emerald crystal
Zanpakuto Spirit: There are two sides of the same spirit within the scythes that Syn wields - a gentle side, represented by the color green and a more vulcanic character represented by the color red. Emerald Kissa takes form as a female with dark gray skin and medium length white hair. Her eyes resemble that of a hollow: black with golden irises. Barely visible under her messed up hair are a pair of feline ears. She has long black nails and a fetish for the color green. Ruby Kissa is the same as Emerald only with a more bitchy attitude and everything that is green for Emerald Kissa is red for Ruby Kissa. Kissa originally was an independent spirit known as the ten tailed cat demon, the tenbi, of the human world. Due to unknown circumstances, once sealed within Syn, it had no way of escaping from its new found prison and once Syn turned from ninja to shinigami, though training and after striking a deal with one another Kissa merged with both Syn's soul and her weapons of choice, thus explaining the devided spirit.
Zanpaktou Appearance: First ordinary katanas, it soon turned into two twin scythes with very long coal black handles and apparently eroded blades. For each: where the blade and the handle merge it has an unusual ghoul/ghost like sculpture, and it is also covered in emeralds. The handle and the blade are tied up with a silver thread which carries several small lamp looking vessels. they are also tied one to another in parallel, making them look like one scythe till they are torn apart.

Shikai Release: Its release command is unknown. Once Kissa took over the katanas as her material state, due to her massive amount of energy, the katana turned into Syn's scythe and couldn't turn back.
Shikai Powers/Abilities: Repels all attacks that meet the blade and is able to store large amounts of reiatsu or any other kind of energy into the small vessels tied to the to the scythe. Because of this ability the blade became so sharp it would cut through anything, including energy. Apart from these, in this state it can only also be used for direct attacks. During the attacks, if cut by the eroded blade, the wound will get infected and poisoned, the poison knows no antidote as it always forms a few minutes prior to the attack. As the strong poison spreads, the body muscles and bones get weaker. It is also able to absorb Kido spells up to level 31 in this state, and cero's equal in power to kiso spells up to that level.

Bankai Release: Dyuaru Neko Kizu (Japanese: "dual cat scratch")
Bankai: In bankai mode, the energy of both Syn and Kissa back down and become as if the two were normal humans. Shikai abilities remain. It is also able to absorb Kido spells up to level 62 in this state, and cero's equal in power to kiso spells up to that level.
Technique 1: Emerarudo/Rubinio Rain! - Scythe is raised towards the heaven forming a gray cloud and calls down upon the opponent a rain of green energy in the form of lightning, that, once and if it hits the target, induces the opponent into a crystallized state, engulfing him in emerald and also turning his inner organs into crystal. At this point any hit could shatter the body. The attack only lasts while Syn's concentration is undisturbed. If she looses focus the attack ends in that instant.
Technique 2: Kissa Double Thyself - Kissa splits into two identical double scythes, both possessing the same abilities but each of them having only half the strength of the original. In this mode it can be used in swift face to face combat. Once one of the two instances of Kissa slash through the flesh of the opponent the wound crystallizes and draining a little but insignificant amount of power. The more the wounds the more energy drained.
Technique 3: Emerarudo/Rubinio Ilusión - The two scythes, twisted at a high speed, round and round, start glowing bight green and blind the ones looking at it temporarily. Once the blinding effect has stopped, those who set eyes on the green light will be trapped under a sort of illusion where Kissa will reveal herself to them and turn into her tenbi form which is a ten tailed cat corpse animated by a green energy with black eyes. In this state Kissa tears apart the soul of her pray, thus killing them without physical harm to the body, and devouring the soul after playing with it.
Technique 4: Emerarudo/Rubinio Bind By Silver - the silver threads that are tied around the two scythes, turn green with energy infused from Kissa in them and lash out at the opponent. Once he/she is withing their grip they absorb the opponents energy and turn it into their own.
Technique 5: Emerarudo/Rubinio Inciso - one slice through the air from either blade causes a sharp wave of energy blow towards the target. Once they hit, the target is either sliced in two by a sharp green crystal blade or simply blown away. This depends on the amount of energy Syn and Kissa pour into the attack itself.
Technique 6: Emeraldine/Rubyness - The blades merge into one, meaning a single handle with two blades, one on each end, giving it a symmetrical look. While in this form the blades can cut through anything they touch, and even the tiniest scratch from one of them gets not only infected with poison but also forms a small ball on top of the wound which sucks out energy and inserts Kissa's energy mixed with that of Syn's. Once the whole body is overtaken by their energy, they can control the body to do whatever they want, even being able to make it literally explode to bits and pieces.
Technique 7: Frying Pan Of Love - (scythes merge and into a giant spiked frying pan) gives the target a huge headache and makes him her feel heavy from all points of view.

Kido developed by self:
Bakudo #73: Ball of confusion
Incantation: "Goddess of life! Hear my plea, bring the sinner down on his knees, stop his actions and set his spirit free"
The caster extends his hand, palm aimed towards the target shooting a small white ball, the size of a baseball, consisting of condensed reiatsu which is absorbed into the targets body. Although at first it seems to have no effect what so ever, in time it starts to severe the nerves, ultimately rendering the target's body completely paralyzed. The only known way to counter it is get hit with a higher level bakudo.

Bakudo #84: Rainbow Dome (thus called because of the stained glass)
Incantation: "Many are the colors of life, may some shine down upon you, (insert target's name here)"
Note: This Bakudo requires the caster to know the name of his target
Surrounds the target with a dome of stained like glass. Each time the caster calls out the target's name, the last of them will be pierced by a beam shot from one of the tiny bits making the stained glass appearance of the dome. The beam will have the color of the tiny bit from where it was shot and will inflict mild damage to the target's body. The more the targets name is said out loud the more beams are shot (of various colors) and the more damage adds up. The only way known to break the spell is to get the caster to call the name of the Bakudo once again.

Extra ability: At will she can turn into any feline of her choice. The most seen form she takes is that of a back neko (cat).
Major technique in this form:
Way of Destruction No. 64, Blazing Heat Cannon
"Incantation: Oh god, of searing heat and fire, burn into the blackness with your light. Scour the cold with flame and ignite the sin's of the cursed" - fired from the tail, is sends a white beam of condensed reiatsu at the target.
Minor technique in this form:
Healing Art no. 2
"Incantation: Save the souls of the wandering idiots." - fired from the tail, is sends a yellow ball of healing energy upon the target.

Extra: for anyone wondering what Kissa looks like and what the scythe looks like, go here: --> http://graysapphire.deviantart.com/art/Winter-Woman-44658585

Edit: made some changes at the name of the techniques and there will be some more changes along the way
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PostSubject: Re: Character/Zanpaktou/Ability info   

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Character/Zanpaktou/Ability info
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